Today, Carester is the benchmark partner for rare earth mining companies. The company is skilled in studying and designing rare earth production chains, while its unique network of experts aims to support and advise companies to create responsible, tailored start-up solutions suited to their objectives and the issues they face.

With the word "care" as part of our name, Carester fosters ideas of care, attention and responsibility and translates the ambition of its founder, Frédéric Carencotte, into exploring and promoting procedures that are ever kinder to Man and to the environment.
The second part of our name, "ter" denotes the French word "terre", meaning "earth".
The "s" in the middle is borrowed from "sustainable" and connects the two ideas together, highlighting the ambition that drives Carester to enhance and perpetuate its expertise.


A human experience

Firstly, Carester is to be considered as a human experience.
Starting out as a group of former colleagues who, over the years, have built up professional relationships based on trust and friendship, Carester gathers nowadays 35 employees (including the Caremag project), 12 of whom are women and 23 men.
All members share the same passion and the same desire to promote European expertise in rare earths while respecting the environment.
The sharing and transmission of know-how has enabled us to develop new processes with ever smaller environmental footprint.

An Ambition

As a key player in the global mining of rare earths, Carester's ambition is to contribute to the search for fairer and more environmentally friendly industrial processes.
Carester has developed special know-how to produce rare-earth concentrates from mining operations, totally free of radioactivity.
At the same time, Carester has developed a unique project, Caremag, to recycle rare-earth magnets and purify them to obtain pure rare-earth oxides. The planned plant discharges no liquid effluent and consumes virtually no water with a CO2 impact reduced by more than 50% compared with the competition, to meet the challenges of the ecological transition.
Caremag aims to become a benchmark unit for rare earth recycling, with the ambition of being duplicated worldwide.


Rare-earth elements

Rare-earth elements are a group of metals with similar properties. They include scandium 21Sc, yttrium 39Y and the 15 lanthanides
Contrary to what their name suggests, these metals are quite abundant in the earth’s crust, to the same extent as some common metals.


Carester's teams bring together:

  • • The world's leading experts in:
    • • The solvent extraction processes, a proven method for rare earth separation. Carester can offer the process best suited to your needs.
    • • Hydrometallurgical treatment of radioactivity contained in rare earth mining concentrates.
  • • R&D teams who have developed a unique process for recycling permanent magnets.