An ambition

A future focused on recycling

Carester is not destined to stay a service company and provider of software solutions. Rather, with the robust experience that its members have in recycling rare-earth elements used in fluorescent lamps, Carester aims to become part of a pioneering European team to recycle permanent magnets from rare-earth elements used in end-of-life equipment.

Essentially, with the expansion of applications that use permanent magnets, and therefore rare-earth elements, it is vital to think responsibly. With a strong belief that Europe has a role to play in recycling rare-earth elements from end-of-life equipment, Carester is aiming to put its industrial know-how and all of its knowledge of the sector to use to become a key player in the first rare-earth element recycling chain in Europe.

To see this vision more clearly, we must look to the future and realise that this future is just around the corner. Electric cars are slowly replacing petrol cars and will completely replace them by 2040.

The ability to offer a source of rare-earth elements originating exclusively from recycling will be a defining factor that will allow us to lower the consumption of the resource and decrease price instability for all users wishing to get on board with this approach.

With this clear vision in mind, Carester hopes to bring together all forces wishing to get on board with this approach.

Values to aim for

Human-oriented values
At the heart of Carester is a group of persons who have joined forces because of their strong common desire and interest. The values that the company is built on aspire to sustain this desire and show the value of human capital, which is the main advantage of this extraordinary adventure.

Honesty and Integrity
The rare-earth elements sector is a highly strategic sector that presents greatly significant geopolitical and financial challenges. Carester undertakes to support its customers every step of the way whilst maintaining its scientific and professional integrity. This integrity is also clear to see in Carester’s willingness to go the extra mile for mankind and the environment.

One of the key features that sets Carester apart is the scientific and technical expertise of each of its members.
Professional prerequisites are, of course, an essential value that Carester’s experts must possess. Feeding each member’s professional experience in their own scientific specialisation into the collective experience brings suitable solutions to all problems.

Carester balances the scientific and professional precision that the sector demands while ensuring that its employees thrive. At Carester, we don't overdo the open-space and after-work meetings. The working rhythms and tasks are shared out in a way that respects the availability and freedom of each member.
This balance is very important to Carester’s founder, Frédéric Carencotte, who leads by example with a well-rounded professional and personal life. However, it is also a mark of quality of the service these experts provide; their sole motivation is a desire to share their experience and pass down their know-how.

One of Carester’s objectives is to pass down its expertise and knowledge to new generations of researchers, engineers and technicians to perpetuate their unique know-how in Europe. As of now, Carester’s mission is to use both theory and practise to nurture young, talented professionals seeking to gain experience from the best rare earth experts in the world.
Carester also shares its expertise with various networks (laboratories, developers, mathematicians, etc.) to get as close as possible to solving its intermediaries’ problems.